Major Ports in South America

The South American Continent is an important centre of global maritime trade offering competitive container shipping rates.

Port of Itaqui Complex is the largest & busiest port of Brazil handling about 146 million tonnes of cargo annually & is an important transshipment centre of South America.

Port of Tubarao, Brazil is known for the export of Brazilian iron ore and is also the world’s biggest producer of iron ore and pellets.

Port of Callau also functions as a naval base and is one of the busiest South American ports, handling over 43 million tonnes of cargo annually.

The San Lorenzo and San Martin deepwater port is the busiest port in Argentina and one of the largest ports in South America.

Cartagena port on the northern coastline of Cartagena Bay near the Caribbean coast in South America is home to several industries and processing plants.

San Antonio is the largest Port of Chile and ranks as the 13th busiest port in South America.